New Pixar Movie Revealed With Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, And More

Pixar, the animation giant that makes us laugh and cry with movies like Up and Toy Story, has announced its next film. Onward is Pixar’s next original project, and it’ll feature the voices of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, Jurassic World star Chris Pratt, Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and The Help’s Octavia Spencer. The movie is still a long time out, as it doesn’t hit theatres until March 2020. It’ll be directed by Monsters University director Dan Scanlon.

According to Disney, Onward focuses on “two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is till a little magic left out there.” Holland and Pratt presumably voice the two elf brothers.

Scanlon said in a statement that the movie was inspired by his own relationship with his brother. As is often the case in Disney movies, it begins with death. Their father dies when the boys are young, and then they set out into a suburban fantasy world.

“The world is basically a mix of the fantastic and the everyday,” Scanlon said (via Entertainment Weekly). “There are mushroom houses that line the streets with satellite dishes sticking out the top of them and a minivan parked in front of each one. There are no humans… but there are unicorns everywhere. They’re basically rodents, possums eating all the trash out of your bins.”

Onward is the first new Pixar movie to be announced following the departure of Pixar founder John Lasseter in the wake of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour claims.

Pixar’s next movie is Toy Story 4, which hits theatres in June 2019. The company’s latest film, The Incredibles 2, came out this year and is expected to be a contender for Best Animated Film at the 91st Oscars.

Author: GameSpot

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