Editorial: Warframe Represents the Perfect Way to Pay for Games

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: “Warframe was released at the beginning of this generation in 2013 but still proves to be one of the biggest games being played almost five years later. Starting on both PC and PS4, making its way to the Xbox One shortly after, and then making an impressive release on the Nintendo Switch in 2018, shows how much fans love this futuristic shooter to this day. People have pointed out the reason behind the success of the massively popular game it being due to its free-to-play format, but it goes far greater than offering a penniless experience to players. Warframe has changed the foundation as to how people view subscription based titles and the very way we pay for games and has become a model that other developers could and should try to match for future entries.”

Author: N4G

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