After Epic Undercut Steam, Discord Tries To One-Up The Epic Store

Discord has announced that in 2019, the launcher will offer 90 percent of the revenue share made off of game sales to developers. That deal undercuts every offer on other major online PC game stores.

“Players really want to have one library‚Ää–one place to manage their games,” wrote Discord CEO and founder Jason Citron. “Unfortunately, because existing stores charge 30 percent per sale, developers are creating their own platforms to avoid this fee. We totally understand that developers are tired of sharing profits.”

Steam is one of those stores that Citron references, taking 20-30 percent from developers on a tiered earning structure. Discord’s announcement comes in the same month that Epic undercut Steam with the reveal that its store would only take 12 percent of a game’s revenue share and have no tiers to the profit-sharing. Certain PC games are also being offered exclusively through Epic’s store–like Hades and Journey, and Discord has a 90-day exclusivity on some titles through the “First on Discord” program as well. For the first time in a while, Steam has some serious competition.

Citron cites Discord Nitro’s growing success as the reason for why Discord doesn’t need to compete with developers for revenue. Nitro is a Netflix-like service for PC games, offering players a library of 60+ titles for $10 USD. Although the service mostly offers indie games, such as Inside and Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut, there are triple-A titles like Metro: Last Light Redux and Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition as well. Discord has plans of adding more games to the service in the coming months.

Discord did not provide a specific date for when its store will start offering developers 90 percent of their game’s revenue share.

Author: GameSpot

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