Discounts On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Gift Cards (US Only)

While sales on individual games are always nice, a sale on digital currency is even better. That’s because you can use it to buy any game you want, effectively creating your very own deal. Right now, Newegg has some great deals on gift cards for the Nintendo Eshop, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Store that save you 20% or more on digital currency. The deal ends Thursday, December 20, so grab these soon or you’ll be out of luck.

All of the gift cards are delivered via email, so you won’t have to wait around for physical cards to arrive in the mail. They come in the form of codes you can redeem on the PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch’s online marketplaces.

The best way to spend these gift cards is on games that are already on sale. Do that, and you’re effectively getting two discounts piled on top of each other (think of it as a delicious discount sandwich). Here are links to the game sale pages for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The best gift card deal available right now is the $25 Xbox Live gift card that comes with a free $10 gift card. And if you’re interested in EA Access, which gets you discounts and early trials for EA’s Xbox One games–as well as full access to over 50 titles–you can save $5 off a 12-month subscription with promo code EMCEREX29.

Xbox One

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Nintendo Switch

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Author: GameSpot

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