Insurgency: Sandstorm (PC) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz’s Rex Hendrichs: “Gaming genres ebb and flow. Many flourish in one era only to wither on the vine the next. While the fast paced twitch shooter has enjoyed pretty steady mainstream success in various forms over the years, its slower, more methodical brother has been relegated to a shrinking niche since its heyday. One developer keeping the tactical shooter alive is New World Interactive with its Insurgency series. What started as a Source engine mod eventually resulted in a standalone title with a long and fluid life cycle. After spending some time with its other mod that grew out of that title, NWI is back to update its mainline series with a new engine and a slew of modern enhancements. It may not have the budget of its competitors, but Insurgency: Sandstorm is more than capable of delivering the thrills in its own way.”

Author: N4G

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