Other Fighting Games Could Copy Street Fighter Vs Ads: Dreamhack FGC Director

Gadgets 360 says:

Despite finding Street Fighter V’s ads intrusive, Jebailey is well aware that Capcom needs the revenue from them to keep supporting the game. Although he suggests that there are ways to do it with less friction such as Mortal Kombat X’s Sub-Zero costume and Killer Instinct’s Shadow Jago fund which he was a part of during his time as community manager at Iron Galaxy, the game’s developer. Nevertheless, he believes Capcom’s approach could impact how fighting games are made going forward.

“When Capcom did fighting games in the 90s everyone copied Street Fighter,” he says. “Watch in five years where everybody’s doing the exact same thing the way they’re doing their ads now and it kind of changes the game of development.”

Author: N4G

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