Still the Best – Batman: Arkham Asylum

VGChartz’s Evan Norris: “At New York Comic Con in October, minutes before the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse panel was due to begin, the pre-panel emcee attempted to warm up the crowd with a simple question: which is better, Batman: Arkham or Marvel’s Spider-Man? The crowd response was mixedsurprising, considering all the Spidey costumes at Madison Square Garden that daywith about half going for Rocksteady’s Batman series and the remaining half opting for the web-slinging PS4 exclusive. I remained quiet, having played only the Arkham games. Now, a couple of months later, with Spider-Man under by belt, I can say confidently that Batman: Arkhamspecifically, Arkham Asylumis the superior game. In fact, nine years after the fact, Arkham Asylum remains the very best superhero game, Spider-Man’s critical and commercial successes notwithstanding.”

Author: N4G

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