Below wants you to know exactly how tiny and insignificant you really are

AVclub: “Belows opening moments arent fucking around: Zooming in at an agonizingly slow pace, from what seems, at first, to be a blank expanse of stars, the camera gradually reveals itself to be gliding over a vast and stormy ocean. Slowlyso slowly!you begin to make out a tiny object plowing across the roiling waves: a ship, piloted by a single occupant. Just as you feel the last ebbs of your patience giving outnone of this 4-5 minute sequence is interactivethe water around the boat starts to lighten, and your vessel comes suddenly aground on an abandoned island. The occupant hops out, the camera zooms in to introduce you to your player character and then stops, still far farther away than video game convention or comfort might suggest. The message is clear: The universe is vast, you are tiny, and no one is coming to help.”

Author: N4G

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