Best Fighter of 2018

VGChartz’s Chinh Tran: “The best fighter shortlist this year features familiar series but ones that really prove the genre has evolved beyond the need for a major Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter release to satisfy gamers who yearn to prove themselves through one-on-one combat. The year came to a close in a big way when Bandai Namco and Nintendo once again teamed up to release Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, featuring the largest roster in the series to-date; Namco Bandai also published Arc System Works Dragon Ball FighterZ early on in the year, giving Dragon Ball fans the fighter theyve been clamoring for for years; meanwhile Namco Bandai also kept busy with its own premiere weapon-based fighter in SoulCalibur VI; and finally Arc System Works released BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, featuring fighters from a variety of the company’s other fighting series.”

Author: N4G