Disgaea 5 Complete Review – The Gamers Lounge

Disgaea is a series thats been around for a while, an absolute tactical-strategy juggernaut thats made its bones on unique gameplay, a vast array of characters, and an absolutely wicked sense of humor. The fifth numbered sequel (Sixth game if you count D2) in the series delivers on all of that, with two snarky morally ambiguous heroes taking on the threat of a massive army poised to take over the Netherworlds and rule the afterlife entire. But while you can certainly expect all the usual hallmarks of Disgaea Fourth wall breaks, snarky heroes, wacky humor, talking penguins the game introduces some interesting new systems and classes while still giving you all the power to take the fight to the Netherworlds and conquer the lands of the dead in the name of revenge.

Author: N4G