Play Xbox One Game Pass Games To Earn Free Rewards

Ever since its inception, Xbox Game Pass has been a simple, money-saving way to play a wide selection of Xbox One and backwards-compatible titles. Now, with a new promotion Microsoft has just kicked off, you can earn Microsoft Rewards points by playing any Xbox Game Pass games of your choice. You can then spend those points in a variety of ways, including purchasing games and DLC, and renewing your membership.

It’s all part of Xbox Game Pass quests, which let you earn up to 2,100 Microsoft Rewards points between now and February 3. To start earning, go into the Xbox Game Pass membership area on your Xbox One and click on quests to see what’s available. This is also where you can go to track your progress on the quests.

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New quests will be available each month, with the next set going live on February 4. Here are January’s quests, as listed on Xbox Wire:

  • Extraction Expert: Complete two specific extraction achievements in Tom Clancy’s The Division to get up to 200 points. You earn points with each achievement. Complete this before January 31.
  • Metro Redux: Play Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux to complete four specific achievements and get up to 200 points. You earn points with each achievement.
  • Adventurer: Bring out your inner adventurer and get up to 200 points when you complete two specific achievements in Strange Brigade. You earn points with each achievement.
  • Achievement Hunter: Get points with your first achievement and continue to complete up to 21 achievements in any combination of Xbox Game Pass games to get a maximum of 600 points.
  • Genre Explorer: Get 300 points when you complete an achievement in three games from different genres.
  • Play something new: Complete an achievement in a Xbox Game Pass title that was added in December to get 100 points.
  • Quest Master: Complete all Xbox Game Pass quests to get an additional 500 points.

Microsoft Reward points can be redeemed for all kinds of things, including Xbox subscriptions and gift cards, as well as entering sweepstakes for a chance to win valuable prizes. Microsoft says 5,000 Reward points are roughly equal to $5, so you’ll have to complete a number of quests over the months to earn a substantial amount of value from them. Still, quests could be a fun way to get more from your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that grants members access to a library of over 100 games that are playable on Xbox One–though Xbox head Phil Spencer would eventually like the service to come to “every device.”

The games available include many first-party titles, like the Gears of War series, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 4, plus day-one access to all upcoming games published by Microsoft, including Crackdown 3. It also has a collection of third-party titles, with new games being added each month. You can find the full list here. Subscriptions cost $1 for your first month, and $10 for each additional month.

Author: GameSpot