Destiny 2 Will Stay On Battle.Net After Bungie’s Split From Activision

Anyone concerned that Bungie ending its publishing arrangement with Activision for Destiny would mean Destiny 2 will be removed from can breathe a sigh of relief. Blizzard has confirmed that Destiny 2 will continue to receive “full support” on going forward.

Destiny 2 and its extra content remains available to buy on, and it appears it will not be removed from the store, at least not yet.

Destiny 2 was the first non-Blizzard game to be released on It was followed up by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which, like Destiny 2, was published by Activision. Both titles skipped Steam and other digital PC stores in favour of launching through Blizzard’s digital PC store.

Given that Bungie is taking over publishing responsibilities for the Destiny franchise going forward, it would appear that Bungie will get to decide where it sells its games in the future; this could theoretically include Steam or the newly launched Epic Games Store.

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Author: GameSpot