Apex Legends Character Rundown; Special Abilities And More Explained

In a rather unexpected turn of events, Titanfall developer Respawn announced and released its latest game, Apex Legends. This free-to-play battle royale is set in the Titanfall universe and is strictly team-based, with 20 teams of three players facing off on one huge map. In addition, the game has an emphasis on classes, with each character assisting and supporting their squad using unique special abilities.

There are eight classes (known in the game as Legends) to choose from and each has a specific role to play. Below we outline what each does, as well as offer additional insight into their roles and abilities.

You can download Apex Legends from the Origin store on PC, and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 right now. GameSpot got an early look at the game, and you can read more in our impressions. We’ll also have a full review of Apex Legends in the coming days.


The Bloodhound is essentially the tracker class. His Passive ability allows you to see where enemy players have been, while his Tactical ability pings the area to reveal tracks left behind by foes. And with the Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt, your abilities are enhanced with increased movement speed and advanced environmental awareness.


Gibraltar is an ideal candidate for defensive players. His Passive ability is a riot shield that can deflect enemy fire, and his Tactical ability is a dome shield that lasts for 15 seconds after deployment. If your teammates are the type to get into trouble in a firefight, you’ll want to use Gibraltar to protect them when cover is limited or if your team becomes sitting ducks. And when the going gets tough, you can support your squad with his Ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, which calls in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position (warning: you can kill yourself with this, so watch out for that).


Lifeline is your prototypical medic class. Her Passive ability is a one-direction shield that deploys to revive a teammate, while her Tactical ability is a drone that automatically heals nearby allies. If those abilities aren’t enough to get your squad in good shape, Lifeline has an Ultimate ability that spawns in a pod filled with high-quality gear.


Sometimes a squad’s path to success is made possible by a solid recon player. Pathfinder handles that role in spades with abilities that provide advantageous intel. This optimistic robot’s Passive ability reveals the next ring’s location, and its zipline gun is handy for getting to out-of-reach locations. It can also assist allies with its Ultimate ability, which deploys a zipline that can be used by all squadmates.


Wraith is an agile offensive fighter with an intriguing roster of abilities. Her Passive ability tells you when enemies are lining up shots on you or your squad. While Wraith doesn’t have the highest defense, she can get out of trouble pretty easily with her phase shifting Tactical ability, which makes you invisible and invincible (even outside the circle) for a brief duration. Lastly, Wraith’s Ultimate ability makes for a handy way to support squadmates, as you’re given the ability to create a portal pathway for them to use.


Bangalore is your standard soldier class with a couple tricks upher sleeve. Her Passive ability is an increased sprint speed under fire, while her Tactical ability are smoke canisters that can thwart pursuing enemies. But if her smoke bombs can’t stop a sudden enemy offensive, Bangalore’s Ultimate ability is an artillery strike that can easily push back the assault.


Caustic is a defensive class that can assist squadmates with practical area-of-effect weapons. His Tactical ability allows you to deploy deadly gas traps that detonate upon proximity or when shot. All the while, Caustic’s Passive ability allows you to see enemies through the gas. And if all this talk of gas wasn’t enough, his Ultimate basically blankets a large area in more deadly gas.


Mirage is for those who love to toy with their foes. His Tactical ability allows you to drop a holographic decoy, while his Passive ability takes that same decoy and deploys it when you’re knocked down by the enemy. If these decoys weren’t enough to fool the opposing team, Mirage’s Ultimate deploys a team of them to further confuse enemies while you remain cloaked.

Author: GameSpot

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