Apex Legends Free Bonuses On PS Plus And EA/Origin Access

Apex Legends surprise-launched without much pre-release hype, so you may have missed that some platforms are offering bonus packs for the free-to-play shooter. If you subscribe to Origin Access, PlayStation Plus, or the Xbox-exclusive EA Access, you already have some extra loot waiting for you.

Both the Origin Access and EA Access bonus packs are given automatically the first time you log in. Each will give you an epic weapon skin, a banner card badge, and 1,000 Apex coins. The PlayStation Plus bonus is a separate item that has to be manually downloaded from the PlayStation Store. It gets you two PlayStation-themed weapon camos (Flatline and RE45), along with character camos and banners for Gibraltar and Bloodhound.

The Apex Coins can be traded in for Apex Packs, the game’s version of loot boxes. That means you’ll probably score at least a few random cosmetic items. The Apex Packs can also hold crafting materials, which are used to purchase new skins. Starting in March, Respawn will also be offering a Battle Pass similar to Fortnite.

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Apex Legends takes the battle royale formula and puts you into squads of three, composed of specialized characters with their own abilities. In short, it blends Overwatch or Rainbow Six Seige-like abilities into the popular genre, and then sets it in Respawn’s own Titanfall universe. The game is off to a strong start, having reached 1 million players in just its first eight hours. Check out our first impressions, and read up on the characters you can select from.

Author: GameSpot

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