Anthem End-Game Content Detailed

BioWare has released a new video for Anthem which finally delves into the previously secretive details about how the end-game works. As you may expect your freelancer will be able to delve into extra-hard challenges to continue scoring better and better loot.

To start, three extra difficulty modes will be unlocked once you reach pilot level 30, the game’s level cap. Those are called Grandmaster 1, Grandmaster 2, and Grandmaster 3. The higher you set your difficulty, the better chances you’ll have to score rare gear and cosmetic items.

As for what you’ll be doing with those extra difficulty modes, the end-game is composed of a few new objective types: challenges, contracts, and strongholds. Contracts are specialized missions you take on by talking to NPCs, and they improve your faction rep and unlock new blueprints. Legendary contracts are larger, multi-part missions with bigger rewards. Challenges will award you with coins and crafting materials, while strongholds are team-required missions with some of the biggest rewards.

The video also teases that you can do freeplay in the end-game. You’ll also find cataclysms, which are time-limited world events. Finally, the overview promises other features coming like guilds and social hubs, along with “massive world-changing events.”

EA is putting big hopes on Anthem to move six million copies in its first month and a half, following what it admits was a difficult quarter. Microsoft is also partnering with EA to offer an Anthem Xbox One bundle.

Author: GameSpot

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