Apex Legends Impressions: The Best Battle Royale For An FPS Nut?

Pratyush writes- “Imagine my surprise when I found out that EA was publishing a F2P BR set in the Titanfall universe and then exponential-ize that surprise when I actually had fun in a modern EA game, that too in a battle royale one (Yeah, not a fan of the genre). Having spent around 4 hours in Apex Legends, I can comfortably say that this is one Battle Royale game that I will have no qualms putting the time in. Being a shooter fan out and out, I couldn’t ever get into the more mil sim-like mechanics of PUBG or the building mechanics of fortnite or the MOBA elements of Realm Royale. With Call of Duty having a premium entry price of just INR 4000~/$60, it was hard for me to justify shelling out that much cash for playing a game in a genre that I didn’t like (Plus it is Call of Duty). Apex, however, may have created a soft spot for both- BR games and to a lesser extent, for EA in my head. PS-I am still waiting for EA to see its success and implement their scummy monetization┬ástrategie…

Author: N4G

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