Halo: Infinite Has Learned From Past Halo 5 Mistakes, Says 343 Industries

When Halo first released, it was ground-breaking. It was the title to have, the Xbox exclusive that really carved out a name for the Microsoft platform. As is the case with many ongoing series, eventually it began to falter. Some found that the series was losing what made it feel special, while others felt that it was just beating a dead horse. The transition from Bungie to 343 was one that was met with a mixed reception, and conflicting opinions only seemed to grow.

With Halo Infinite on the way, the team over at 343 Industries is reflecting back on the series thus far, admitting that they’ve made some mistakes along the way. 343 Industries’ Justin Robey recently opened up during a studio stream about Halo’s tumultuous history and how they’ve used that to make Infinite better.

Author: N4G

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