Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Is Unplayable With Friends At Launch, Microsoft Confirms

Crackdown 3‘s release date is nearly here, but an already troubled development doesn’t appear to be getting any easier for Microsoft. The publisher has confirmed to GameSpot that playing Crackdown 3 multiplayer with friends will not be possible when the game launches on February 15.

“Players will soon be able to take full advantage of the Xbox platform’s Party features so they can experience the fully destructible environments in Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone with friends,” a Microsoft spokesperson stated. “We are always looking for ways to improve our fans’ experience, and party functionality will be enabled with an upcoming title update along with our soon to be announced post-launch content.”

Wrecking Zone is the name of Crackdown 3’s multiplayer segment, which was recently available in beta for Xbox Insiders–this is when the inability to invite friends was discovered. Otherwise, we were impressed by Crackdown 3’s multiplayer.

If you’re a subscriber to Game Pass, you’ll have access to Crackdown 3 on its release day, February 15–along with a raft of other games this month. For more, check out the full Xbox One Game Pass lineup for February.

Author: GameSpot

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