Metro Exodus Review – Waiting For the Hammer to Fall [Wccftech]

“Metro Exodus is an incredibly atmospheric, engaging and compelling shooter that places an onus on the player to think on their feet, thanks to stringent limitations on ammo, supplies and the resources required to make more. Enhancing this is a world that is almost dead set against you. From other survivors who are more likely to kill you than talk to you, mutant creatures and ghouls that want nothing more than to feast on you and the hazards of the environment, it’s a game that wants you on the edge of your seat. It masters this with ease. From tight gunplay to well-developed stealth mechanics, the game offers variety within the confines of its own rules. The only downsides are average-at-best voice acting and the game ignoring its own stealth leanings to force combat with incredibly difficult bosses. All in all, Metro Exodus is a fantastic game that you’d be worse off for missing out.”

Author: N4G

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