The Breaking Bad Movie Could Come To Netflix

A Breaking Bad movie is on the way, and now a new report says it may air on Netflix. According to Deadline, the movie will premiere first on Netflix and come to TV network AMC later.

AMC is the network that originally aired Breaking Bad, while it also hosts the spinoff Better Call Saul. It would be a reversal of sorts, as Breaking Bad ran on AMC first before coming to Netflix.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan said in 2013 during his best drama acceptance speech at the Emmys that the show thrived thanks to Netflix. “I think Netflix kept us on the air,” he said at the time, adding that he thought the show might have only had two seasons were it not for Netflix.

Not much is known about the Breaking Bad movie, but it’s rumoured to be a sequel that stars the character Jesse Pinkman, who was played by Aaron Paul on Breaking Bad. Intriguingly, Deadline reports that it hasn’t yet been decided if the movie will be released as a film or split into episodes. Whatever the case, Paul is said to be returning to play Pinkman again.

Breaking Bad ended with Pinkman escaping alive from his neo-Nazi captors and riding into the night. Fans have speculated about where he might have gone and what he would do with his life post-Walter White. At the same time, the law would presumably be hunting him down for his role in the meth empire. It makes for a compelling set-up, and with Gilligan coming back to write the movie, it seemingly has the ingredients to be a success.

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White, confirmed in November that a Breaking Bad movie was happening but he didn’t say if he’s involved. He teased that the movie may feature a couple of characters whose story arcs were not seen through completion.

The first Breaking Bad spinoff was Better Call Saul, a TV show that focuses on how Jimmy McGill became the scummy lawyer Saul Goodman. That show remains on TV; a fifth season is on the way.

The Breaking Bad movie was reportedly set to start filming in New Mexico back in November, though it’s not clear if that happened. Breaking Bad recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, as the show originally premiered back in 2008.

Author: GameSpot

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