Metro Exodus Review A Flawed but Exceptionally Atmospheric Shooter | GameCloud

Harry Kalogirou at GameCloud writes: “Metro Exodus is a flawed game, but this doesnt hold it back from being a stellar narrative-driven experience. Its hard to express what its like to play a shooter so invested in its atmosphere and immersing the player in its world. 4A Games have proven yet again that theyre amoung the best of the best at making these kinds of games. Metro Exodus is an engaging journey from start to finish, a tense survival based shooter that knows what it does well and does not hold back to ensure you know that it does them well. If youve never played a Metro title, Id recommend starting with 2033, as narrative is a core part of the series, but Exodus is a perfectly fine place to start if it interests you, and long-time fans will be thoroughly pleased with how its turned out.”

Author: N4G

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