Shazam Writer Henry Gayden Will Be Back For The Sequel – Report

Just days after the release of Shazam, screenwriter Henry Gayden is reportedly already set to write the Shazam sequel alongside director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran. That’s according to a new report from The Wrap.

While details of the plot, returning cast, and release time are still unsurprisingly vague (what do you expect? The movie just came out) the confirmation of a sequel is really no surprise. After all, those post-credits stingers left a pretty major cliffhanger dangling in the air.

With any luck, we’ll see a full return of the cast, including Asher Angel’s Billy Batson and Zackary Levi’s Shazam, who anchored the first film with plenty of heart and humor as well as Mark Strong’s surprisingly sympathetic Dr. Sivana who, we can only hope, has a few more villainous tricks left up his sleeve.

Shazam’s already raked in an impressive sum of money in the box office after opening this weekend–which really isn’t surprising, considering just how great it is. It’s also jam-packed with all kinds of obscure DC Comics references and Easter eggs–were you able to spot them all?

And while we wait for more Shazam details to come trickling in, don’t forget that there are other DCEU movies just over the horizon. Take a look at the brand-new trailer for Joker, Joaquin Phoenix’s standalone villain origin story heading for theaters on October 4, and keep an eye out for the very latest from Birds of Prey, on track for February 2020.

Author: GameSpot

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