The Witness: Cryptic Charm, Pensive Puzzles

Siddharth writes- “Hmmmmm, I mumbled as I was finally bested by a particularly tough puzzle after breezing through a set of easier ones. Hmmmmm, I thought to myself as I finally gave up and looked around at the vibrant flora and architecture, in search of a lesser challenge to tackle.

This pretty much sums up the players experience as they explore the beautiful, puzzle-dotted island in Thekla Incs first-person puzzler, The Witness. I first came across it back in 2016 itself a few months after release and instantly fell in love with it and since its currently free on the Epic Store (till April 18), its a great opportunity to revisit this cult classic, which also is slowly inching towards becoming one of my favorite games of all time.”

Author: N4G