Star Wars: Episode 9: What We Learned About The New Character

Star Wars: Episode IX is still shrouded in mystery, but the panel at Star Wars Celebration started to unwrap some of the first details. One moment focused on British actress Naomi Ackie, who shared some of the first details about her character.

The character is named Jannah, and a still showed her in full costume. She mentioned offhand that she crosses paths with the rest of the protagonists, who are said to be on an adventure together, but didn’t share more details.

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Ackie also addressed the rumors that she would be playing Lando’s daughter. Sort of. Asked about the suggestion, she declined to give a straight answer, but did say, “Lando is a very charming man, he could have children all over the universe.”

Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams, also appeared on stage accompanied by an image of his character’s return. He had his own interview moments on the panel, including one in which he defended Lando’s shady decision-making in Empire Strikes Back. Ultimately, he says, it’s okay because nobody died.

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The panel is ongoing, and we expect many more details–including a title for the upcoming film. Check out everything coming out of Star Wars Celebration, including news on Jedi Fallen Order and the Star Wars offerings coming in Disney’s upcoming subscription service, DIsney+.

Author: GameSpot

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