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Despite the conciseness of the overall experience, I found myself alt-tabbing out to a walkthrough during the latter third of the game as I was running out of steam/interest in the plot. I cant necessarily place a finger on why, but I just wasnt invested enough in the story or characters, and had fumbled through enough sketchy logic puzzles by then that I didnt want to deal with that much more. This isnt the first point and click I have done this with, and I dont suspect it will be the last, but for me there comes a time in most of these games where Im more interested in the outcome than I am in spending the time grinding out the solutions. I appreciated the endgame twist that Trüberbrook offers up to players, and its one of the reasons that I will say this game is worth playing through; but, it does not rank among the better point and clicks Ive played.

Author: N4G

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