Smash Bros Ultimate Render For Persona 5’s Joker Found On Nintendo’s Official Site [UPDATED]

Update: Nintendo just published the official 15-minute video showcasing everything that’s coming to Smash Ultimate, including all the Persona-related content coming to the game. The update launches April 17 as $6 DLC.

The main character from the wonderfully great RPG Persona 5, codenamed Joker, should be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate any day now. It’s been said that he’ll be joining the battle as the 70th character on the roster sometime this month, but to hold you off until then, you can check out his official character render for the game below.

It’s the same character model that was first leaked by Best Buy, but it can now be dug up on Nintendo of Europe’s official page for Smash Bros. Ultimate. This came to our attention via a tweet from users @PushDustIn and @Digita1Lucas. You can see him out in all his glory, sporting his Phantom Thieves get-up when he enters the Metaverse.

Sourced from Twitter user @Skyplayer37
Sourced from Twitter user @Skyplayer37

I confirmed this myself by digging through the page’s source code which was also shown by Twitter user @RealHeroOfWinds.

It's legit.
It’s legit.

Joker’s arrival in Smash Ultimate will coincide with the game’s version 3.0 spring 2019 update. This isn’t the only Persona 5-related news that you should be hyped up for. During a two-day special live concert, called Persona Super Live: P-Sound Street 2019 in Japan, details on a new version of the RPG titled Persona 5: The Royal will be revealed on day one, April 24. On the second day, April 25, the show will reveal the true form of the mysterious game Persona 5 S.

Author: GameSpot

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