Sonys next-generation PlayStation console feels like a victory lap

With the PS5, Sony is planning to reenter a marketplace thats in a constant state of flux, with no stated plans to do anything but offer more of the same. It currently enjoys a massive share of the console market, so why not? Nothing is broken on Sonys end, so theres nothing to fix. Its the mark of a secure, seasoned competitor thats actually learned from past mistakes, when the last few console generations have all been marked by one company joyfully throwing its lead away at launch.

Still, it can afford to do that. Depending on how you look at the data, Sony has roughly two-thirds of the console market on lock. If Microsoft or Google do end up causing a small-scale revolution, all Sony has to do is offer a new option and its golden. The big challenge for Sony right now isnt withstanding the competition; its simply sitting back and not screwing up.

Author: N4G