Avengers: Endgame Spoilers Are A Free-For-All As Of Monday, Say Directors

Avengers: Endgame is setting box office records left and right, so chances are pretty good that you’ve already seen it. If you haven’t made time, though, you might want to head to the cinema over the next few days, because directors Joe and Anthony Russo have declared that the statute of limitations on spoilers is almost over. As of Monday, May 6, spoilers are fair game.

Co-director Joe Russo gave the end date in an interview with Good Morning America, and then the brothers collectively shared the clip on Twitter. Russo said he feels there has to be an end-date when spoilers are no longer off-limits, because part of the reason they make movies is to encourage discussion. With that in mind, it’s fair enough if you couldn’t make it out opening weekend, but after two weekends the conversation should be free to spoil.

This film is the final one in the Infinity Saga, and culminates in a lot of story and character payoffs that have been building for more than ten years. As a result spoiler sensitivity has been higher than usual, as fans eagerly await seeing what happens to earth’s mightiest heroes. If you’ve managed to avoid plot details so far, now you have a firm due date. The Russos have previously pleaded with fans not to spoil the film, and of course not everyone has or will abide by their own determination of when to begin spoiling.

If on the other hand you already have seen Endgame, you may still be puzzling out some of the finer details. In that case check out the endings explained and read up on plot holes. Or for the lighter side you can catch up with a ton of Easter eggs and scenes that weren’t in the trailers.

Author: GameSpot

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