The Golden Age of Final Fantasy has found a Second Home on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

TR: There was once a time where some of Final Fantasys finest chapters were only playable on PlayStation. My annual playthrough of the 7th installment would see me wiping dust from my older consoles and fumbling with multiple discs, praying that my siblings hadnt scratched them to death in the months gone by.

It was a nostalgic yet frustrating chapter in gaming history, as JRPGs began to penetrate the western market like never before. FF7 set a benchmark that continues to define the genre, so much so that Square Enix is set to spend several decades remaking the damn thing. And because Im a desperate fangirl, I cant bloody wait.

But now, things are much easier. Relaxed relationships between major console manufacturers and publishers mean classic adventures once bound by a singular platform can be played by millions more. If you told me Id be enjoying Final Fantasy X and its fabulous sequel in 4K on Xbox One X just a few years ago, Id have laughed in your face.

Author: N4G

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