Five Big Takeaways From Our Hands-On With Supermassives Man Of Medan – GI

From Game Informer: “For our latest, just-launched issue, we got exclusive access to a new demo for Man of Medan, the first game in Supermassives Dark Pictures anthology. This is the studios first big project since its cult hit Until Dawn, and its going all-in by telling standalone stories in five games, each exploring different subgenres of horror. Man of Medan is up first, and it tackles the home invasion and the ghost ship tropes. A group dive to explore a historic World War II site is supposed to be a vacation to remember, but it ends up being that for all the wrong reasons. Here are some brief takeaways from our discussions with the team and hands-on time. You can learn even more new details by reading our 6-page feature in our June issue, which is now live digitally. “

Author: N4G

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