Destiny 2 Secret Outbreak Prime Exotic: How To Start The Quest

A new Exotic weapon, an updated version of the Destiny 1 favorite Outbreak Prime, popped up in Destiny 2 after the recent release of Update 2.2.2, but don’t be surprised if you haven’t even heard about it yet. The weapon is in the game, but finding the mission to unlock it is no easy feat, and it’s completely secret; Destiny players stumbled upon it soon after the update and spent the entire day figuring out everything about unlocking it.

The trick to finding the weapon is knowing how to start the quest: Here’s what you need to do and where you need to go. We’ve also got a full guide on unlocking your Outbreak Perfected if you don’t feel like trying to figure it out for yourself.

To start down the path to get Outbreak Perfected, you need to head to Titan. Despite early speculation, there’s no activity you have to play in order to find the start of the quest–you can reach the location just walking around while you’re exploring the planet. Land on the Rig, then head south into the Tidal Anchor area.

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You’ll recognize this section of the game from several story missions you’ve completed on Titan (including “Bad Neighbors,” the Adventure that was first thought required for Outbreak Perfected). Work your way through the Tidal Anchor area until you hit the big control room with various switches and a big window. Continue forward into the next room just below it, which also has a big window. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you come through the door in the room and find a scannable Hive crystal floating in the corner immediately to your right; at the left end of the room, you should see a door leading into a room with red lighting. That’s where you’re headed.

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In the red room, you’ll see a big door ahead of you that’s sealed, and one to your left, both with the number 7 printed on them. Walk to the left door and you should get an “Unlock” prompt to interact with it. That’ll open the door, leading you into a new room with a glass wall dividing a control area from the rest of it.

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Head to the right side of the room, toward the Fallen version of the computer that stands near a sealed door. Beside that will be a slight ramp, at the top of which is a bin full of scrap metal and other junk–something that normally just looks like level decoration that you’d otherwise ignore. Check the bin, however, and get a prompt to “Examine Fallen device.” Do so and you’ll get an Exotic quest item called a Fallen Transponder.

You’re now on your way to unlocking Outbreak Perfected. You’ll next need to decipher some riddles and break some codes, before completing a timed mission similar to The Whisper, the one needed to earn Whisper of the Worm. Check out our full guide for help, including our Zero Hour mission video that shows the right path through the mission’s maze-like corridors.

Author: GameSpot

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