More Id Games Could Get Rage 2-Like Twitch Extensions

Rage 2 is adding a few special Twitch extensions that will let viewers participate in the action, with more with more potentially on the way for Rage 2. Tim Willits, studio director at id Software, indicated there could also be more to come for other games, based on how this trial run goes.

Asked if id Software games going forward will use Twitch extensions, Willits joked about “the big elephant in the room”–presumably referring to Doom Eternal. “Yes, we’re definitely looking at all things like that,” he told GameSpot. “But we’ll see how it goes for Rage 2.”

In fact, Willits thinks that more seamless and open participation between players and viewers is going to become an ongoing trend in the years to come. This echoes similar comments from Google about its new Stadia platform–which is notably getting Doom Eternal.

“That’s really the ultimate goal in these types of things,” he said. “And I believe looking at the industry, and even looking at how we approach games and game design, you know game developers will look more at how the game is streamed, what streamers can do, and then how those viewers can participate. So I think we’ve scratched the surface and you’ll see a lot more of that in the coming years.”

In the case of Rage 2, the extension has two functions at launch: to allow viewers to revive you through a defibrillation mini-game, and to place viewer names as opponents in the post-apocalyptic races. Willits did say the studio is planning to develop more Twitch extension functionality post-launch, and that it will be watching player and streamer trends to see what kinds of functions could be built. He also said that viewers who participate will get some drops in their own games like weapon skins.

Rage 2 launches on May 14 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out our pre-order guide for more details.

Author: GameSpot

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