Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory Preview shooting trouble in a dystopian RPG (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: “I do like a good dystopian fiction, but Id also quite like it to stay, well fictitious. Its quite remarkable just how relevant some of the old dystopian worlds have now become, as some of the dark futures that science fiction envisioned come closer and closer to reality. Of course 1984 is at the forefront of all of this just see how the British police are trialing facial recognition (badly) for a baby step down the slippery staircase of a totalitarian police state ┬ábut there are countless examples to be found in film, television, books, comics, tabletop RPGs and now video games. Its always nice when the developers of a new game explain the reasoning behind picking up the license to their game by saying how suited it feels to the modern day.”

Author: N4G

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