Striking First Terminator: Dark Fate Poster Released, Trailer Tomorrow

After the commercial disappointment of 2015’s Terminator Genisys, there was some suggestion that it might be a long time before we saw another movie in the long-running sci-fi franchise. But that’s not to be the case, and the sixth film in the series, Terminator: Dark Fate, arrives in November. The movie’s trailer will be revealed tomorrow, May 23, but ahead of that we have the first poster.

The poster is a striking and simple one. It shows Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, the iconic main character of the first two Terminator movies, walking down a desert road carrying a gun with a blazing sun behind her. Dark Fate will be a direct sequel to 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ignoring the three movies in-between, and the poster’s somewhat awkward tagline hammers this home: “Welcome to the day after Judgment Day.” Check it out below:

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Hamilton isn’t the only original cast member set to feature in Dark Fate– Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the T-800. The new stars includes Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049), Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD), Diego Boneta (Pretty Little Liars), and Colombian star Natalia Reyes in her first Hollywood movie. The movie is directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller and produced by James Cameron, who created the franchise and helmed the first two movies. It releases on November 1. For more, check out this recent batch of images from the film.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Cameron spoke about working alongside Miller and what fans could expect from this latest Terminator movie. “Tim’s a very willful and opinionated director, and he’s got his own ideas for the film,” he said. “I’m kind of like the Pips–he’s Gladys. I said, ‘I can’t be involved in this film at all if Arnold [Schwarzenegger] is not in it.’ Fans are going to want to see [Linda Hamilton] again, and they’re going to want to see the real Sarah Connor and what time and dealing with these tragic futures has done to her.”

“It’s hardened her even more, but in a way that made her much stronger,” Cameron explained. “Maybe less likable, but stronger. And ultimately, she becomes a really important character in passing the baton to the new characters that come in. It’s a very female-centric film, which I’m glad Tim embraced those themes.”

Author: GameSpot

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