Jurassic World Evolution Feature Focus #2 – Gyrosphere and Challenge Mode Additions

From Frontier Developments: “We know that many of you enjoy letting your guests experience enclosures using the Gyrospheres, but want a little bit more freedom in how you can use them. With the summer update were adding new gate features which will allow you to expand your Gyrosphere tours through multiple enclosures!

Here’s how it works: a gate highlight automatically appears when a section of gyrosphere track would go through a fence. Youll see a ghost gate, similar to when placing ranger gates, that will let you position it anywhere along the fence. Once placed, the gate will remain closed until a gyrosphere approaches, and only then will it open to let that gyrosphere through. Theyre always a No Through Road for dinosaurs, though, no matter their size!”

Author: N4G

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