How Borderlands 3’s writers are putting your favourite characters through hell for the greater good

GR: Like me, youve probably had that moment when youre sitting with your buddies, chatting about your favourite game, and then someone says something thats just plain wrong. You try to resist the urge to correct them, but you ultimately fail. “Actually” you might begin, before informing them of their mistake. It’s okay! Theres no judgement here, I promise. Turns out working on a game like Borderlands 3 when you also happen to be a huge fan of the series is just as hard. Sam Winkler, co-lead writer of Gearboxs upcoming looter-shooter game, is in this exact position, so I chatted to him about what its like to work on Borderlands 3 and how you resist the urge to let it become fanfiction.

Author: N4G

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