All The Free PC Games You Can Play On Steam This Weekend

Steam is aiming to help gamers tackle their huge backlog of games with its new spring cleaning event, which went live today and runs until Tuesday, May 28 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. From games you used to love but haven’t played in years to those you grabbed because they were free but never even installed, you can earn trophies by playing them this weekend, which unlocks badges for your Steam profile.

But even if you’re not interested in revisiting the neglected games in your Steam library, you can still enjoy some titles for free this weekend. A batch of seven games are available to play for free as part of the spring cleaning event, and with a three-day holiday weekend ahead for many in the US, there’s plenty of time to check them all out.

The free-to-play offerings include classic zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2, which lets you team up with up to four other players against the hordes of Infected. Other games worth checking out (or revisiting) this weekend include Endless Space 2,…

Author: N4G

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