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The Indie Game Website writes: “As a preface to the review itself, I think its important that some of the issues regarding Pathologic 2s press reception are addressed. Ive found myself going against the grain and looking to pour praise on this crushing, time-consuming behemoth. Many reviewers, it seems, were not willing or able to put enough time into the game to make a fair assessment of its merits and self-awareness. There have been damning reviews from major media outlets, and a general overwhelming resentment due to the game being difficult, obtuse, and allegedly a bit naff.

As much of a peacemaker as its tempting to be, I cant let this go unchallenged. It highlights a prejudice toward Pathologic based on perceptions of its predecessor and the unusual structure it presents, aversion to a difficulty curve that is, at best, non-linear, and a misunderstanding of the games intentions.”

Author: N4G

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