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The Indie Game Website writes: “Moonrise Fall opens with a dramatic and harrowing car crash. As an introduction its cryptic, but its clear that the victims were a kid and his parents. The boy survived, the parents didnt. As haunting music plays, the boy appears to transcend perhaps to heaven, perhaps into unconsciousness eventually finding himself in a mysterious, dreamlike forest with nothing but a journal, lantern, camera, and one hell of a creepy mask.

Like many things in Made From Strings brain-teasing puzzler, its all open to interpretation. The opener is straightforward, but it hits in the right places. Its emotional resonance aided by a fantastically expressive score sticks with you one throughout this odd spiritual journey. It raises a lot of questions, too. Who is the boy? Where or what is this forest? Did he survive the crash? Theres an engaging central mystery here, but one youll have to work to uncover.”

Author: N4G

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