HonestGamers Review // Guard Duty

Gary Hartley Writes: Within the first few moments of Guard Duty, hidden away with the enforced subtlety of a well-aimed half brick to the face, you will find a reference to 1995 point-and-click classic, Discworld. This is not by accident; Sick Chicken Studios debut outing less wants to be like the pixel-plotted adventure games of the 90s and more outright wants to be one. It borrows heavily from their founding foundations, presenting inventory puzzles and bizarrely broken lateral logic atop a veneer of satire and ludicrousness. For example, Monkey Island had Guybrush, a pirate wannabe so hopeless no crew wanted any part of him. Discworld had Rincewind, a man so absolutely inept at any form of magic he could only call himself a wizard via an obscure technicality. So Guard Duty has Tondbert, who has only found employment because even guards need someone to bully.

Author: N4G

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