Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Volume 3 review – ChristCenteredGamer

Just like the other Pinball FX3 tables, this DLC supports table upgrades, hot seat multiplayer, and challenge modes. The three challenge modes are 1 ball, 5 minutes, and survival mode. The goal in the one-ball challenge is to get the highest score possible with only one ball. If you lose the ball while the ball save light is illuminated, the ball is still saved, but if it’s off, you’re done for. After the ball is lost for good, your score is added to the global leaderboards and stars are earned depending upon how good of a score you received. The 5-minute challenge gives you an unlimited number of balls so you have plenty of opportunities to get a high score within the time limit. The survival mode gives you unlimited balls as well; however, if you dont meet the score requirement in the time limit, your game will end.

Author: N4G

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