Preview: An In-Depth Deep-Dive on Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reboot | AusGamers

AusGamers was one of a number of publications recently invited out to Infinity Ward for the studio’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare behind-the-scenes reveal and deep-dive and writes:

“What resonated with me during our lengthy demo, which showed two splices of disparate gameplay amidst an incredible deep-dive on the new tech driving this reimagining, was the overall purpose to dig up an old grave. And that centred early on around our ever-changing world, which was a reason for the original entry in the first place, but here it feels even more poignant. While Zampella and Wests Modern Warfare did take us to dark and sometimes confronting places, this post-Zampella and West Modern Warfare aims to reflect the battlefield with a greyer eye for whats right, wrong and overall necessary. One persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter, and what are the events that have led any person or persons taking to the field, in which ever guise they do, to do so in the first place…”

Author: N4G

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