Here’s Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Awesome Legendaries

As part of a special Nintendo Direct for Pokemon Sword and Shield today, Nintendo introduced us to the newest Legendary Pokemon to grace your Pokedex. As you might expect, the two new Legendaries represent the “Sword” and “Shield” aspects of their titles.

The two Pokemon, named Zamazenta and Zacian, look like similarly colorful wolves. Zamazenta has a fur pattern on its face and chest that looks like a shield, while Zacian carries a sword-like object in its mouth. In the brief trailer, the two are seen fighting with each other, before something else attracts both of their attention.

Presumably, Pokemon Sword and Shield will follow the pattern of prior Pokemon games and make one Legendary available in each version. Nintendo also announced a double-pack available for pre-order that will include both versions when the games release on November 15.

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Other details from the Nintendo Direct included other new Pokemon, multiplayer raid battles, and the new kaiju-sized Dynamax system that can make a Pokemon grow to massive size.

Author: GameSpot

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