E3 2019: Xbox Promises “Something New” For Showcase

Microsoft is preparing for its E3 2019 presentation, and has promised to “go big” for Xbox this year. The company has added another intriguing teaser to the mix, although it’s so open-ended it could mean just about anything.

In a tweet from the official Xbox account, the company said “We invited something new to #XboxE3 this year.” Of course E3 presentations are often full of new announcements, but this one was conspicuous. This something seems bigger than most E3 surprises, and the mention of an invitation could imply it is bringing in something from outside its own company.

So what could it all mean? We know Microsoft may debut its next Xbox console and lay out plans for its xCloud streaming service this year. It has also been hinting at expanding Xbox services to other platforms, including the recent announcement of Xbox Game Pass on PC. It is also planning to show off 14 Xbox Studios games, including some from its spate of new acquisitions.

Altogether, this could be anything ranging from a surprising partnership to new hardware or services. We’ll have to watch the Xbox E3 press conference to be sure. That will begin on June 9 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST (6 AM AET on June 10). Be sure to check our full press conference schedule for more dates and times.

Author: GameSpot

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