Love Thyself – A Horatio Story Part 2 Available Now

The-Cat-o-Nine-Tales writes: “Just over two months ago, we released Love Thyself A Horatio Story, the first ever visual novel set in the Endless Universe. Some people thought we were just indulging in an elaborate April Fools joke, but those who tried the game found a (mostly) serious story about finding your place in a society of clones. Many players have told us that they love this personal look at the Endless universe, and that they are eager for more.

The wait is finally over! Love Thyself A Horatio Story Part 2 is out for free on Steam now! If you have already installed Love Thyself, Steam will automatically update the game with the Part 2 content. If you have not, this is a great time to check it out at the low price of absolutely free.”

Author: N4G

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