Google Stadia Release Date Confirmed

Google has announced its release plans for its ambitious video game streaming service, called Stadia. As promised, you’ll be able to try it for yourself at home this year–as long as you’re willing to pay the price. The release is split into tiers, with a hardware bundle available this year and the software service itself launching separately in 2020.

First, in November 2019, Google will launch the Stadia Founder’s Edition. This will include a Chromecast Ultra, a limited-edition Night Blue controller, and early dibs on your Stadia account name. It also includes three months of the Stadia Pro service, and a three-month Buddy Pass to gift Stadia Pro to a friend. That bundle will cost $130 / £120. The Founder’s Edition will be available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Stadia Pro, the online service itself, will cost $10 a month, but it will only be available with Founder’s Editions to start. It includes 4K and 60fps with 5.1 surround sound, access to a library of games, discounts on full game purchases, and (for a limited time) full access to Destiny 2 including its upcoming Shadowkeep expansion and annual pass.

For those who don’t need all those bells and whistles, and who don’t mind waiting to try Stadia for themselves, Google will launch the “Stadia Base” service for free in 2020. That version includes 1080p and 60fps with stereo sound, and the ability to play games in your Chrome browser or on your Pixel 3/3a phone. The free version of the service doesn’t include any rotating games library, so you’ll just purchase your games normally as you would any other game storefront.

Google also announced details surrounding the service’s launch library, which includes the full Tomb Raider library, Mortal Kombat 11, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Doom Eternal, Darksiders Genesis, and Baldur’s Gate 3. The company has not specified how many games will be part of its Stadia Pro subscription.

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Author: GameSpot

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