Google Stadia Pro: What Is The Subscription Service And How Much Does It Cost?

Just before E3 2019, Google has finally announced more details for Google Stadia, its video game streaming service. The service will launch this November in a limited capacity and expand next year with a two-tiered strategy. One of these tiers includes a subscription, but what is it and what does it include?

The subscription plan is called Stadia Pro, and it will cost $10 per month. It includes access to a library of games, discounts on full game purchases, and all games will run in 4K at 60fps with 5.1 surround sound. For a limited time after launch, it will also grant you full access to Destiny 2 with all of its add-ons, including the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion. Google hasn’t detailed how many games will be included with a subscription, or how often they’ll rotate.

At first, Stadia Pro will only be available with the Founder’s Edition, but it will become available to purchase separately at a later date. The Founder’s Edition also includes a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, a Buddy Pass that gifts three months to a friend, a Chromecast Ultra and a limited-edition controller. The Founder’s Edition will cost $130.

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A Stadia Pro subscription will be the only way to play Stadia at first, but not forever. A separate Stadia Base service will launch in 2020. That service will be free, but games will have to be purchased a la carte. The resolution and sound quality will be slightly diminished too, at a max of 1080p and stereo sound. It won’t include a Chromecast Ultra, but you can play on any Chrome browser or a Pixel 3 or 3a phone.

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