See Battlefield 5’s Next Free Maps, More Info Coming At E3 2019

Battlefield V is getting lots more content this year, including four new maps coming to the game with the Chapter 4: Defying the Odds update that launches on June 27. These maps, like all the ones released already, are completely free as part of Battlefield V’s free expansion campaign. More details on all the new maps are coming at E3 2019 this weekend.

The first of the new maps is Al Sundan, which is based on the Under No Flag single-player mission. It’s set in the North African desert, and it’s a large-scale map supporting 64 players. Next up is the 64-player Marita map, which launches in July. It’s the second map set in Greece, following Mercury that was released at the end of May.

“Marita transports players to a gorgeous mountainside with cobblestone roads overlooking a river, and features infantry-focused combat where Allied forces are making a last stand to halt the Axis army,” reads its description.

The other two maps, Lofoten Island and Provence, are smaller in scale; they’re designed around close-quarters combat. Both of these maps will be released sometime in summer.

Moving ahead, DICE will launch a new map called Operation Underground in October. The map is inspired by Battlefield 3‘s Operation Metro map, and it features a number of different areas such as streets, courtyards, and train platforms.

You can see a glimpse of all the new maps in the video embedded above. All of the new maps for Battlefield V will be shown off during publisher Electronic Arts’ EA Play event this weekend in Los Angeles.

Battlefield V launched in October 2018 and it sold more than 7 million copies in under two months; that was below EA’s commercial expectations.

Author: GameSpot

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