Fortnite Week 5 Challenges: Visit Wind Turbines, Sky Platform Eliminations, And More (Season 9)

We’re now in Week 5 of Fortnite Season 9, which means there’s a new set of challenges to complete and Battle Stars to earn in Epic’s hit battle royale shooter. As usual, this week’s tasks are divided up into two categories: those that are available to everyone, and a premium set reserved for players who’ve purchased a Season 9 Battle Pass, which runs for 950 V-Bucks (roughly $10).

As has been the trend this season, most of Week 5’s challenges are fairly self-explanatory. In the free category, you’ll have to deal damage to opponents with Grenades, Dynamite, or Stink Bombs; search seven chests either in Salty Springs or Frosty Flights; and eliminate an opponent in five different matches. All of these should be easy enough to complete with a little persistence.

Battle Pass holders will have to do a little more work. Their challenges involve placing a trap item in five different matches and racking up three eliminations at Sky Platforms. There’s also a multi-stage challenge that first asks you to complete a lap at the desert race track, as well as one to visit five Wind Turbines in a single match. If you don’t know where those can be found, we’ve put together a Wind Turbine locations guide.

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  • Deal damage to opponents with Grenades, Dynamite, or Stink Bombs (200) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Search chests at Salty Springs or Frosty Flights (7) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate an opponent in different matches (5) — 10 Battle Stars


  • Stage 1: Complete a lap of the desert race track — 1 Battle Star
  • Place trap items in different matches (5) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Visit different Wind Turbines in a single match (5) — 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminations at Sky Platforms (3) — 10 Battle Stars

Alongside Week 5’s challenges, Epic has released Fortnite’s 9.20 update. This week’s patch introduces yet another new item to the game: the Storm Flip. As its name suggests, throwing it into a storm zone will create a temporary spherical pocket of safety, and vice versa–you can also throw it into a safe zone to create a storm zone. To make room for the Storm Flip, however, Epic has vaulted all hunting rifles. You can read more in the full patch notes on Epic’s website.

Author: GameSpot

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