Google Stadia’s Get Packed Looks Like Over-The-Top Fun

While Google’s upcoming Stadia game streaming service is packed with many of today’s biggest games, there’s still plenty of fun indie-like experiences as well. A notable one, in particular, announced during Google’s Stadia Connect stream was a game called Get Packed.

The upcoming physics-based multiplayer party game looks to be an over-the-top, more chaotic version of Gang Beasts. Up to four players participate in what appears to be objective-based competitive mini-games where the objective seems to be to cause as much carnage as possible. The brief teaser showed numerous explosions, breakable objects, driveable cars, fireworks, and plenty more craziness.

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Get Packed supports both local and online multiplayer. The game is being made by fresh-faced indie developer, Moonshine Studios. The game is expected to launch for Google Stadia sometime in 2020.

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Author: GameSpot

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